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Flavour Bistro

Performed a brand redesign, followed by a website redesign, and brand strategy. Our focus was to help this restaurant connect to their community within the small town. We chose to highlight the Caribbean side of their bold flavors and spices over their previous attempt at marketing as a fine dining restaurant.

Project Details

Site Redesign

Updated this to a modern look with easy navigation for site users. Site images were updated with professional food photography.

Added a popup to the load screen

Flavour Bistro's strategy is to focus on building loyal customers in their small community. This popup not only encourage users to stay engaged and updated with Flavour Bistro, but it also highlights the Happy Hour times.

New Food Board

It was important to showcase some images of the food that Flavour Bistro offered, to balance the fine dining atmosphere of the inside, which seemed to be a bit intimidating for to some patrons checking out the establishment.

Brand Design Package

We did the full brand redesign package for Flavour Bistro. We took the time to figure out what was working and what wasn't, then built a brand strategy around that. This included a 14 page packet that covered key aspects of their vision, including:

  • Connecting to a small town

  • Increasing repeat customers

  • Social Media strategy

  • Website Redesign

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