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Community Donations

If you have found that you have received value from any of the free services I offer, and would like to help me continue my reciprocity driven mission, then this is one way to contribute. If you'd like to contact me about work, or you have referrals you'd like to send my way, those are other options too.

1 time donations

Monetary support helps me keep the bills paid, the food on the table, and the mission moving forward.

Sending Referrals

Referrals keep the momentum of mindful

business relationships going.

Sharing Content

Continue spreading the love and reciprocity driven message by sharing with your peers.

Positive Reviews

If you have had a positive experience and see the value of our message, please let the people know.

Making a donation

I do not place adds on my videos or hide my lessons and instruction course behind a paywall. The knowledge I have picked up along the way has been given to me by a higher source of Wisdom, and I wan't to share what I have learned to others, regardless of their financial situation. If you have the means, please consider donating. Your donations go directly toward my mission of helping artists, musicians and food establishments spread their message and grow within the reciprocity revolution.


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